The City of Atlantis

The City of Atlantis is the World's First Carbon-Negative Model City, governed as a Decentralized Autonomous City ("DAC") to be built by the Earth Wealth Fund and the Earth Dollar.

The World in Crises

The world is experiencing multiple global crises of epic proportions, including the COVID-19 Pandemic, Climate Change, the 6th Mass Extinction, Massive Inflation and Joblessness, Increased Poverty and Starvation, and more. One of the main problems that are driving this crisis is unsustainable cities. Cities worldwide occupy only 0.5% of the world's land; however, cities consume 75% of the world's natural resources and account for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The future of humanity will be fought in cities. For future cities to be sustainable, cities must therefore become healthier, cleaner, become carbon-negative, resilient, and more environmentally efficient.

The City of Atlantis as a Solution

To resolve the issues of unsustainable cities, climate change, the extinction of species, global joblessness, and other crises, we are launching the trillion-dollar City of Atlantis project, which is a "Carbon-Negative the Model City of the Future" to deal with these global crises. The City of Atlantis will contain the world's leading sustainable technologies and will run entirely on renewable energy; it will be a demonstration of how to live sustainably in harmony with Mother Earth.